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Abandoned Property/Storage
Abandoned Property How to Decide if Your Rental Property has been Abandoned October, 2013
Abandoned Property Abandoned Property Solutions May, 2010
The Application Process
Application Process How to Prevent Application Fraud March, 2014
Application Process Rental Agreements and the Lease-Up Process October, 2012
Application Process Step-by-Step Guide to Leasing Up New Tenants Aug-Sept, 2012
Application Process New Laws Impact Application & Screening Process Aug-Sept, 2012
Application Process Why Your Tenant’s Rental History will Save or Cost You Money April, 2012
Application Process How to Verify Information October, 2006
Application Process What Landlords Should Know About Using Consumer Reports May, 2006
Asbestos Asbestos Rules: What you need to Know June-July, 2014
Asbestos What is an Asbestos Survey June, 2013
Bankruptcy/Foreclosure How The New Bankruptcy Law Affects Evictions November, 2009
Bankruptcy/Foreclosure Applicant Bankruptcy On Credit Report: What Should You Do? November, 2009
Bankruptcy/Foreclosure The Basics Of Foreclosure “Short-Sales” October, 2008
Bankruptcy/Foreclosure The Foreclosure Crisis Impacts Landlords June, 2008
Bankruptcy/Foreclosure Beyond Auctions: Other Ways To Buy Foreclosed Houses June, 2008
Bankruptcy/Foreclosure Buying Foreclosures At The Courthouse Steps And Elsewhere! June, 2008
Bankruptcy/Foreclosure Bankruptcy Act Reform: What It Means To Landlords February, 2007
Carbon Monoxide
Carbon Monoxide Carbon Monoxide Basics June-July, 2012
Carbon Monoxide Washington State Carbon Monoxide Detector Rules June-July, 2012
Computer Info/Social Media
Computer Info/Social Media E-Mail With Tenants: What Landlords Need to Know October, 2012
Computer Info/Social Media Property Management in the 21st Century Aug-Sept, 2011
Computer Info/Social Media Concerned About Online Privacy? May, 2011
Computer Info/Social Media Using Facebook as a Tenant Screening Tool April, 2011
Computer Info/Social Media Computer Virus Basics March, 2011
Computer Info/Social Media Using Facebook, Google and Social Media for Tenant Screening Purposes September, 2008
Computer Info/Social Media Spyware Attack September, 2008
Computer Info/Social Media Cyber Security Practices For Everyone November, 2006
Crime Prevention
Crime Prevention Crime Victim Wants to Break a Lease June-July, 2014
Crime Prevention Fireworks Ban Works June-July, 2014
Crime Prevention Buglar-Proof Locks Jul-Aug, 2013
Crime Prevention Lighting for Crime Prevention Jul-Aug, 2013
Crime Prevention Regular Visits Keep Problems to a Minimum Jul-Aug, 2013
Crime Prevention Cashier’s Checks Have Risks, too Jul-Aug, 2013
Crime Prevention Crime Prevention through Environmental Design June, 2013
Crime Prevention Works Bombs Are a Dangerous New Twist On An Old Kids Game December, 2011
Crime Prevention C.O.P.S. Shops Help Landlords Every Day May, 2010
Crime Prevention McGruff Safe House Program October, 2009
Crime Prevention Home Crime Prevention And Safety Tips November, 2007
Crime Prevention Knowing Who To Call When You Have A Crime Problem November, 2007
Crime Prevention Introducing The Crime Victim Service Center October, 2007
Crime Prevention Spokane Area COPS Shops June, 2007
Crime Prevention Keeping Tabs On Your Rental Property June, 2007
Crime Prevention What Are Identity Theft And Identity Fraud? March, 2006
Crime Prevention Identity Theft: What To Do If You Become A Victim! March, 2006
Crime Prevention New Privacy And Identity Theft Laws Now On The Books March, 2006
Crime Prevention Where Can I Find Out More About Identity Theft and Fraud? March, 2006
Crime Prevention Combating Crime Problems In Rental Property February, 2006
Debt Collection
Debt Collection Collecting Money Owned By A Tenant March, 2014
Debt Collection Bounced Checks For Rent? What Then? April, 2012
Debt Collection Can a Landlord Get an Updated Credit Check for Tenant Who Owes Money? February, 2012
Debt Collection New Ways To Collect Rental Payments February, 2012
Debt Collection Collections Tips For Landlords October, 2011
Debt Collection When Tenants Have Skipped Out On The Rent October, 2011
Debt Collection Use The IRS As A Collection Partner October, 2011
Debt Collection Landlord’s Guide To Collecting Tenant Judgments October, 2011
Debt Collection Don’t Get Stuck With Your Former Tenant’s Utility Bills June-July, 2011
Debt Collection The Rent Check Was Lost In The Mail, and Other Tales Aug-Sept, 2009
Disaster Preparation
Disaster Preparation Duties in the Event of Damage or Loss November, 2012
Disaster Preparation What if Your Rental Suffers Storm Damage? November, 2012
Disaster Preparation Umbrella Policies Extend Your Coverage November, 2012
Disaster Preparation Prepare Your Family For Disasters July-Aug, 2006
Disaster Preparation Fact Sheet On Shelter-In-Place July-Aug, 2006
Disaster Preparation Make Yourself An Emergency Preparation Kit July-Aug, 2006
Drugs & Nuisance
Drugs & Nuisances Determining Drug Activity In Rentals November, 2011
Drugs & Nuisances What To Do About a Nuisance Property October, 2010
Drugs & Nuisances Spotting Signs Of Illegal Activity June, 2007
Drugs & Nuisances What Can I Do About Junk Vehicles, Garbage In Yards, Nuisances? September, 2006
Evictions Five Common Eviction Regrets June-July, 2014
Evictions Helpful Eviction tips October, 2010
Evictions Appellate Court Ruling Changes The Way Physical Evictions Are Handled April, 2007
Evictions Important Court Decision Affects Eviction Lawsuits November, 2006
Evictions Top Twelve Ways To Absolutely Lose An Eviction November, 2006
Evictions Some Reasons Why You Should Not Feel Guilty About Evictions November, 2006
Evictions When Does An Eviction Violate The Fair Housing Act? November, 2006
Evictions Some Basics About Evictions November, 2006
Evictions Timeline For Eviction Due To Non-Payment Of Rent November, 2006
Evictions Should An Eviction Always Disqualify An Applicant? November, 2006
Fair Housing
Fair Housing Testing: What it is and isn’t April, 2013
Fair Housing Fair Housing Advertising: What You Can Say And Can’t Say March, 2013
Fair Housing The Pitfalls of “Adults Only” Housing February, 2013
Fair Housing “You Have To Rent To ME – I’m A Protected Class” November, 2011
Fair Housing Fair Housing And Military Personnel April, 2009
Fair Housing Some Fair Housing Basics April, 2009
Fair Housing Fair Housing: Families With Children April, 2009
Fair Housing The Fair Housing Bill Of Rights April, 2008
Fair Housing Renting To Families With Children April, 2008
Fair Housing What To Do If You Receive A Fair Housing Complaint April, 2008
Fair Housing Pitfalls of ‘Adult Only’ Housing April, 2008
Fair Housing Reasonable Accommodations For Financial Circumstances Due To Disability July-Aug, 2007
Fair Housing Advertising And The Fair Housing Act May, 2007
Fair Housing Filling Your Vacancies In Compliance With Fair Housing Law February, 2007
Fair Housing Reasonable Accommodation Requests Accessible Parking Dec 2006-Jan 2007
Fair Housing Fair Housing Q & A April, 2005
Forms Holding Agreements Can Help Fill Vacancies Dec 2013-Jan 2014
Filling Vacancies
Filling Vacancies HousingSearchNW Free Vacancy Listing Site March, 2014
Filling Vacancies Is Your For Rent Sign in the Wrong Place? October, 2012
Filling Vacancies Holding Agreements can Help Fill Vacancies Dec 2013-Jan 2014
Filling Vacancies You Can Fill Vacancies, Even in the Fall or Winter November, 2013
Filling Vacancies Renting to Military Personnel March, 2013
Filling Vacancies Renting to families with children March, 2013
Filling Vacancies HUD has Updated occupancy policy March, 2013
Filling Vacancies Filling Your Vacancies Faster February, 2013
Filling Vacancies Remember: There’s Now An Inlander Page Just For Landlords. May, 2012
Filling Vacancies Affordable Attention-Getting Ads For Your Vacancies April, 2012
Filling Vacancies Nuisance Property Can Make it Harder to Fill Your Vacancies June-July, 2011
Filling Vacancies Writing That Rental Ad – The One That Fills The Vacancy Faster June-July, 2011
Filling Vacancies Vacancies May Cost More to Insure June-July, 2011
Filling Vacancies Don’t Forget Safety When Showing Vacancies June-July, 2011
Filling Vacancies Don’t Stop Marketing Vacancy Until you Have the Money June-July, 2011
Filling Vacancies More about Filling Vacancies October, 2010
Filling Vacancies 10 Ways To Determine Rent For Your Vacancy May, 2010
Filling Vacancies Less Applicant Traffic? What You Can Do? February, 2010
Finances Beware of Equity Skimming June-July, 2014
Finances Avoid Mechanic’s Leins from your Tenenta April, 2014
Finances Escrow Your Expenses November, 2011
Finances What You Should Know About Strategic Default November, 2011
Finances When Paying By Check November, 2010
Finances Off-Market Properties Can Be A Great Buy October, 2010
Finances Cash For Gadgets May, 2010
Finances Does Investing In A Fixer-Upper Really Pay Off Big? Aug-Sept, 2009
Finances Protecting Your Money In Tough Times March, 2009
Finances Access Your Rental Assistance Payments Online September, 2008
Finances Why A Limited Liability Company Can Be A Benefit To Landlords May, 2007
Finances Managing The Negative Cash Flow Problems February, 2007
Finances Understanding The 1031 Tax Exchange Dec 2006-Jan 2007
Fire Information
Fire Information Emergency Window Exit & Egress Info June-July, 2014
Fire Information Fireworks Rules and Regulations June-July, 2014
Fire Information Easy Fixes For Spring Water Stains May, 2012
Fire Information What To Do After A Fire? May, 2012
Fire Information How To Prepare For Household Fires May, 2012
Fire Information Winter Is Fire Season! Dec 2010-Jan 2011
Fire Information The Midnight Fire Call Dec 2007-Jan 2008
Fire Information Fire Procedure Guidelines For Residential Buildings Dec 2007-Jan 2008
Hoarding Hoarding: Out of Hiding April, 2014
Hoarding Hoarding is Now Recognized as a Mental Disorder March, 2014
Hoarding Tenants Who Hoard October, 2010
Insurance Can a Landlord Require Tenant Insurance? March, 2014
Insurance Commercial Liability Umbrella Coverage March, 2014
Insurance Duties in the Event of Damage or Loss November, 2012
Insurance What if Your Rental Suffers Storm Damage? November, 2012
Insurance What is Title Insurance? November, 2012
Insurance Tenant Insurance Addendum November, 2012
Insurance Encourage Renters to Obtain Insurance November, 2012
Insurance Umbrella Policies Extend Your Coverage November, 2012
Insurance What is Title Insurance? November, 2008
Insurance If Your Rental Property Burned Tonight, Would You Have Enough Coverage? October, 2007
Landlording 101 and Beyond
Landlord Info Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions April, 2014
Landlord Info Learning from other Landlords’ Experiences February, 2014
Landlord Info Successful Landlording Begins with Some Basics Dec 2013-Jan 2014
Landlord Info Unauthorized Occupants are still a Big Problem October, 2013
Landlord Info How to Handle a Tenant’s Abandoned Property October, 2013
Landlord Info Regular Visits to Rentals Prevent Many Problems Jul-Aug, 2013
Landlord Info Can a Landlord go on Vacation? Jul-Aug, 2013
Landlord Info Tenant Vacation Notice June, 2013
Landlord Info Renting to Military Personnel March, 2013
Landlord Info Renting to Families with children March, 2013
Landlord Info HUD has Updated it Occupancy Policy March, 2013
Landlord Info The Best Way to Handle Noise Complaints February, 2013
Landlord Info A Refresher Course for Success in Landlording February, 2013
Landlord Info See the “Property Management” Category for more information
Landlord Law
Landlord Law Get That Property Out of Your Name! October, 2013
Landlord Law Watch Out for Liabilities in you Rental Property October, 2013
Landlord Law When a Tenant Refuses the Landlord’s Entry October, 2013
Landlord Law Window Screens can Increase Landlord Liability June, 2013
Landlord Law The Pitfalls of “Adults Only” Housing February, 2013
Landlord Law 5 Ways A Tenant Can Break A Lease September, 2012
Landlord Law Small Claims Court Information February, 2012
Landlord Law Small Claims Court – Do The Math February, 2012
Landlord Law When A Tenant Refuses The Landlord Entry November, 2011
Landlord Law Medical Marijuana, A Legal Opinion September, 2010
Landlord Law Legal Mistakes Landlords Must Avoid September, 2010
Landlord Law How to Execute A Power Of Attorney September, 2010
Landlord Law What Does “Last Month’s Rent” Really Mean? May, 2010
Landlord Law Criminal History Of Prospective Tenant What You Can Do and Cannot Do May, 2010
Landlord Law Landlord’s Right Of Entry April, 2010
Landlord Law What To Do When You Inherit A Tenant April, 2010
Landlord Law When Landlords Are Liable (And When They Aren’t) Dec 2010-Jan 2011
Landlord Law Top Legal Issues Impacting Landlords Dec 2010-Jan 2011
Landlord Law Pay Close Attention To How Real Estate Is Titled Aug-Sept 2009
Lead-Based Paint
Lead-Based Paint Property Mgrs and Landlords To Face Fines Without EPA Training October, 2010
Lead-Based Paint Quick And Important Reminder About Lead-Based Paint September, 2008
Lead-Based Paint New Rule To Help Stop Childhood Lead Poisoning November, 2009
Lease-Up Holding Agreements can Help Fill a Vacancy Dec 2013-Jan 2014
Lease-Up The Pitfalls of “Adults Only” Housing February, 2013
Lease-Up What Is Best? One Year Lease Or Month To Month? February, 2014
Lease-Up Rental Agreements & Lease-Up October, 2012
Lease-Up Step By Step Guide To Leasing To New Tenants Aug-Sept 2012
Lease-Up Using the Holding Agreement to Your Advantage Dec 2008-Jan 2009
Lease-Up The Importance of Property Condition Reports Dec 2008-Jan 2009
Lease-Up Application Fees: How And Why To Collect Them March, 2006
Lease-Up The Rental Agreement February, 2006
Marijuana New Marijuana Laws Impact on Landlords November, 2013
Marijuana Marijuana Options for Rental Property Owners November, 2013
Maintenance How to Handle Lawn Care for Rentals June-July 2014
Maintenance What IS That Smell? February, 2014
Maintenance Do Your Tenants Know How to Care for the Garbage Disposal February, 2014
Maintenance Cable TV-High Def Wiring: What to Do November, 2013
Maintenance Saving Money on Furnace Repairs November, 2013
Maintenance Request For Maintenance & Time Limits For Making Repairs November, 2012
Maintenance Heating Your Rental Safey October, 2013
Maintenance Fall Maintenance Checklist October, 2012
Maintenance Window Screens increase Landlord Liability June, 2013
Maintenance How to fix those foggy Windows June, 2013
Maintenance Four Costly Maintenance Mistakes June, 2013
Maintenance Time Limits for Making Repairs May, 2013
Maintenance How to Remove Nicotine from Walls & Ceilings April, 2013
Maintenance Preventing Heat Stress Jun-Jul, 2012
Maintenance Request For Maintenance & Time Limits For Making Repairs Jun-Jul, 2012
Maintenance Does Your Tenant Know How To Care For The Garbage Disposal? April, 2012
Maintenance Choosing The Right Bulb For Your Rental February, 2012
Maintenance Cleaning Up a Broken CFL Light bulb February, 2012
Maintenance What’s Wrong With My Furnace? November, 2011
Maintenance Mildew-Proof Caulking October, 2011
Maintenance Remodeling: So You Thought It Was Going To Be Easy! Aug-Sept, 2011
Maintenance What to do about Scratches in Woodwork Jun-Jul, 2011
Maintenance Make Spring Painting Easier April, 2011
Maintenance Repairing Double-Paned Windows February, 2011
Maintenance Painting Tips for Repaired Drywall November, 2010
Maintenance The Handy Husband: Burner Element Failure October, 2010
Maintenance The Handy Husband: Prevent Dryer Vent Fires In Your Rentals September, 2010
Maintenance Hot Weather Painting July-Aug, 2010
Maintenance What Is That Smell? July-Aug, 2010
Maintenance How Safe Are The Decks On Your Rentals? July-Aug, 2010
Maintenance Don’t Overlook Those Gutters May, 2010
Maintenance Getting To The Root Of The Problem of Roots October, 2009
Maintenance So Just How Do I Safely Relight My Furnace Pilot Light? November, 2009
Maintenance What To Do When Good Appliances Go Bad Aug-Sept, 2009
Maintenance What To Do If You Are Not Satisfied With A Construction Contactor’s Work November, 2008
Maintenance Avoid Mechanical’s Liens From Dishonest Tenants November, 2008
Maintenance 10 Questions To Ask A Prospective Maintenance Workers November, 2008
Maintenance How Changes To Contractor Registration Law Affects Landlords February, 2008
Maintenance What Is Resurfacing? What Are The Benefits? November, 2007
Mediation Mediation of Landlord-Tenant Disputes April, 2014
Mediation Landlord-Tenant Mediation March, 2013
Mediation What is Mediation? February, 2011
Mediation Mediation Resources February, 2011
Mediation Is Mediation A Useful Tool For Landlord? February, 2011
Mediation Mediation In Lower Income Residential Evictions March, 2010
Mold What To Do About Mold In Your Rental May, 2012
Mold Three Ways to Kill Mold Naturally November, 2010
Mold IRS Will Now Allow Deductions for Mold & Asbestos Removal November, 2010
Mold Understanding Mold Issues May, 2008
Mold Understanding The Landlord’s Responsibility When It Comes To Mold May, 2008
Parking Carports – the Parking Solution April, 2013
Pest Control
Pest Control Reclaiming Your Home: Send Pesky Pests Packing (Mice) October, 2011
Pest Control Reclaiming Your Home: Send Pesky Pests Packing (Ants) Aug-Sept, 2011
Pest Control A Bed Bug Infestation Can Happen To Anyone September, 2010
Pest Control Pest of the Month: Yellow Jackets Are Ruining My Picnic September, 2010
Pest Control Here Come The Spiders! Jul-Aug, 2010
Pest Control Look For Termite Swarms In Spring Weather April, 2010
Pest Control Hazards Of Bugs Bombs April, 2010
Pest Control Natural Pest Control April, 2010
Pest Control DYI Pest Control Tips April, 2010
Pets Allowing Pets in Rental Property May, 2014
Pets Can Landlords Charge Pet Rent? May, 2014
Pets Sample Pet Application Form May, 2014
Pets Are You A Landlord With Dangerous Dogs? May, 2014
Pets New Products Help Manage Pet Issues (DNA) May, 2014
Pets Pet Violations: A Landlord Tip May, 2014
Pets Screening Criteria for Pets May, 2014
Pets Pet Lights Available May, 2014
Pets How Service Animals Differ From Pets May, 2014
Pets Pet Checklist for Landlords May, 2014
Pets Even After A Pet’s Death, Landlords May Keep Deposit May, 2014
Pets Creating a Profitable Pet Friendly Apartment Aug-Sept, 2011
Pets Conquering Pets Odors Aug-Sept, 2011
Pets Dealing with a Tenant’s Barking Dog Aug-Sept, 2011
Pets Sample Pet Application Form Aug-Sept, 2011
Pets If You’re Caught Catnapping, Your Tenants Could Dog You Out Aug-Sept, 2011
Pets Pet Lights Available June-July, 2009
Plumbing Problems
Plumbing Clogged Sewer Lines May, 2013
Plumbing Who Pays for Plumbing Repairs: Tenant or Landlord May, 2013
Plumbing Landlords do not have to pay for aUnauthorized Plumbing Repairs May, 2013
Plumbing The Truth about Drain Cleaning Chemicals May, 2013
Plumbing Plumbing & Drain Addendum May, 2013
Plumbing Request Time Limits for Making Repairs May, 2013
Plumbing New Technology Provides Leak Rescue May, 2013
Plumbing Things to Know about Sewer Backups and Pipelines May, 2013
Property Management
Property Management Tenant on Tenant Harassment March, 2014
Property Management Tenant Vacation Notice June-July 2014
Property Management Regular Visits to your Rentals Prevent Problems June-July 2014
Property Management Tips on Pool Safety June-July 2014
Property Management Non-Payment of Rent – Don’t Accept Excuses April, 2014
Property Management Unauthorized Occupants are Still a Big Problem October, 2013
Property Management Never Pick up the Rent in Person Again October, 2013
Property Management A Landlord’s Right to Enter October, 2013
Property Management NOISE: The Best Way to Handle Noise Complaints February, 2013
Property Management Cable TV and Hi Def Wiring — What to Do? February, 2013
Property Management Lost Keys: A Matter of Safety October, 2012
Property Management What To Do When Tenants Let Friends Move In October, 2012
Property Management Videotaping or Photos can Reduce Disputes Aug-Sept, 2012
Property Management How do You Handle Lawn Care for your rentals? Aug-Sept, 2012
Property Management Preventing Heat Stress Jun-Jul, 2012
Property Management Death Of A Tenant May, 2012
Property Management What Does “Last Month’s Rent” Really Mean? April, 2012
Property Management Taking Control Of Your Rental Business Dec 2011-Jan 2012
Property Management Landlord Contact Numbers November, 2011
Property Management Should You Let A Tenant Out Of A Lease October, 2011
Property Management Can A Landlord Boot A Tenant For Faking a “Slip and Fall” March, 2011
Property Management Tenants Who Hoard October, 2010
Property Management Helping Tenants Move Out October, 2010
Property Management Dealing with Problem Tenants September, 2010
Property Management What To Do When You Inherit A Tenant Jul-Aug, 2010
Property Management HUD Has Updated Their Occupancy Policy June, 2010
Property Management How To Decide If A Tenant Has Abandoned Your Property June, 2010
Property Management When A Tenant Is In The Hospital Or In Jail June, 2010
Property Management What’s Best: One-Year Lease Or Month-To-Month? February, 2010
Property Management Court Rules That Notices Must Be “Understandable” October, 2009
Property Management 7 Tips To Do Before Turning Over The Keys To Your Next Tenant November, 2009
Property Management Renting To Students Aug-Sept, 2009
Property Management Oh! Those Unauthorized Occupants May, 2009
Property Management Parking Lot Safety During Shopping And Revelry February, 2009
Property Management Making Tenant Move-outs As Smooth As Possible November, 2008
Property Management When A Tenant Refuses The Landlord Entry September, 2008
Property Management When A Landlord Needs A Property Manager September, 2008
Property Management How To Raise Rents May, 2008
Property Management Should Landlords Take Photos Of Rental Applicants? March, 2008
Roommates Roommate Addendum April, 2011
Roommates Renting to Roommates Presents Challenges April, 2011
Roommates Should You Rent To Roommates? And The Best Way To Make It Work Jul-Aug, 2008
Screening Check Online Court Records Jul-Aug, 2013
Screening When You Are Asked to Give References For Tenants October, 2012
Screening New Laws Impacts Screening Process Aug-Sept, 2012
Screening What Is An Adverse Action Letter Aug-Sept, 2012
Screening Why Landlord Should Use A Professional Screening Company Aug-Sept, 2012
Screening Why Your Tenant’s Rental History Will Make You Money or Cost You Money. April, 2012
Screening Criteria For Rental Applicants November, 2011
Screening Additional Rental Criteria November, 2011
Screening When Calling Past Landlords – Stick To Your Script October, 2010
Screening Tenant Screening Simplified Jul-Aug, 2010
Screening Questions About Tenant Screening? Jul-Aug, 2010
Screening The Red Flags That Signal The Problem Tenant September, 2007
Screening Do’s And Don’ts Of Tenant Selection October, 2006
Screening Getting Good Tenants October, 2006
Screening How To Verify Information October, 2006
Screening What Landlords Need To Know About Using Consumer Reports May, 2006
Section 8 (Vouchers)
Section 8 Some Benefits Of Participation In Section 8 April, 2007
Section 8 Some Cautions About Section 8 April, 2007
Section 8 Some Misconceptions About Section 8 April, 2007
Section 8 What Landlords Should Know About Section 8 March, 2007
Security Deposits
Security Deposits Security Deposit Q & A March, 2014
Security Deposits Can Landlords Deduct Half Of Replacement Cost From the Deposit! November, 2010
Security Deposits Don’t Let Your Tenant Clean You Out Of The Security Deposit Dec 2008-Jan 2009
Security Deposits Deposit Checklist Dec 2008-Jan 2009
Security Deposits Avoiding Security Deposit Disputes October, 2008
Security Deposits Keys To Having A Successful Security Deposit Policy June, 2007
Service Animals
Service Animals Service Animal Clarification October, 2012
Service Animals The Most-Asked Question About Service Animals April,2012
Service Animals What Landlords Should Know About Service Animals February, 2006
Serving Notices
Serving Notices Using A Process Server Can Be The Best Choice November, 2011
Serving Notices Serving Pre-Litigation Notices November, 2011
Serving Notices Certificate Gives Proof Of Mailing Dec 2009-Jan 2010
Smoke Detectors 
Smoke Detectors Smoke Alarm Reminders Dec 2011-Jan 2012
Smoke Detectors Smoke Detector Solutions November, 2010
Smoke Detectors Smoke Detectors: What Do You Need To Know Today? February, 2010
Smoke Detectors Smoke Alarm Tips Dec 2007-Jan 2008
Smoke-Free Information
Smoke-Free Housing Secondhand Smoke Facts April, 2013
Smoke-Free Housing How to Remove Nicotine from Walls and Ceilings April, 2013
Smoke-Free Housing Free Smoke-Free Window Clings for Landlords April, 2013
Smoke-Free Housing Smoke-Free Lease Addendum April, 2013
Smoke-Free Housing How Landlords Can Benefit From Smoke-Free Rentals April,2013
Smoke-Free Housing High Demand for Smoke-Free Housing September, 2010
Smoke-Free Housing Smoke-Free Housing: Building A Better Community Together June, 2010
Smoke-Free Housing Five Easy Steps To Make Your Property Smoke-Free March, 2009
Smoke-Free Housing Secondhand Smoke Damaged Lungs, MRIs Show Jul-Aug, 2007
Taxes Do You Need to Issue a 1099 to your Handyman? March, 2014
Taxes Lower Your Taxes As Property Values Fall June-July, 2014
Taxes Death and Taxes Do Not Always Have to Go Together February, 2014
Taxes How To Obtain A Transcript Of Your Past Tax Information. April, 2012
Taxes Understanding The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) March, 2012
Taxes The Usual (And Not-So-Usual) Tax-Time Tips March, 2012
Taxes Tax Tips Especially For Landlords March, 2012
Taxes Going Green May Reduce Your Taxes March, 2012
Taxes Tax Time Doesn’t Need To Be Stress Time March, 2012
Taxes Four Steps To Lowering Your Property Taxes My, 2010
Taxes Top Business Deduction Audit Triggers February, 2008
Taxes What If You Are Audited And Lose? February, 2008
Taxes News Flash: IRS Allows Deductions For Mold And Asbestos Removal February, 2007
Taxes Top Ten Tax Deductions For Landlords Dec 2006-Jan 2007
Ttechnology Landlords can Benefit from Smart Phones June, 2013
Utilities The Myth of Free Utilities October, 2011
Utilities Don’t Get Stuck With Your Tenant’s Utility Bills November, 2009
Utilities Energy Bills And Your Tenants Aug-Sept, 2009
Water Topics
Water Topics Getting to the Root of the Problem (root removal) May, 2013
Water Topics New Technology Provides Leak Rescue May, 2013
Water Topics Things to know about Sewer Backups and Pipelines May, 2013
Water Topics Drought Problems – How Dry I Am Jun-Jul, 2012
Water Topics Cost-Savings Tips For Victims Of Water-Related Property Damage May, 2012
Water Topics Saving On Water Damage With Preventative Maintenance December, 2011
Water Topics Preventing a Sewer Pipe Crisis May, 2011
Water Topics Water Damage Prevention May, 2011
Water Topics A Flood of Questions May, 2011
Water Topics Shut-Off Valves: What Your Tenant Should Know May, 2011
Water Topics Protect Your Rental Property Basement from Water Damage May, 2011
Water Topics Saving Water With Smart Landscaping May, 2011
Water Topics Reducing Water Use Without Costly Re-Landscaping May, 2011
Water Topics Water, Water Everywhere: What Your Tenants Might Not Be Telling You May, 2011
Water Topics The Handy Husband: Easy Fixes For Spring Water Stains March, 2011
Winter Topics
Winter Topics Does Your Rental Unit Have A Chimney? Dec 2013-Jan 2014
Winter Topics A Landlord’s Winter Obligations Dec 2013-Jan 2014
Winter Topics Tenants Should Know How to Use Water Shut-Off Valves Dec 2013-Jan 2014
Winter Topics Storm Damage in Rentals Dec 2013-Jan 2014
Winter Topics Tips about Ice and Snow Liabilities for Rental Property Dec 2013-Jan 2014
Winter Topics Avoid Overusing Ice-melt Products on Sidewalks Dec 2013-Jan 2014
Winter Topics A Landlord’s Ice & Snow Liability Dec 2013-Jan 2014
Winter Topics Heating Your Rental Safely October, 2013
Winter Topics Check Gutters Before Winter Sets in October, 2013
Winter Topics Windstorm Q & A February, 2012
Winter Topics Dealing With Storm Damage December, 2011
Winter Topics What Is Creosote? December, 2011
Winter Topics Heating Your Rental Safety November, 2010
Winter Topics Power Outage Information At Your Fingertips Dec 2010-Jan 2011
Winter Topics Landlord Legal Obligations After A Storm Dec 2010-Jan 2011