Rental Forms for Spokane and the Inland Northwest

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101 Application to Rent

105 Holding Agreement

201 Rental Agreement-Lease

204 Property Condition 1

205 Property Condition Report 2



301 Smoke-CO Detector Agreement








311 Plumbing & Drain Addendum

400 Smoke-Free Addendum

401 Crime-Free Addendum

403 Tenant Emergency Contact

404 Next of Kin Affidavit

406 Roommate Addendum

501 Maintenance Request

503 20-Day Move-Out Notice

601 Rent Increase

605 48-Hr Request to Enter

800 30-Day to Cure Lease Obligations

801 3-Day Pay or Vacate

803 3-Day Waste-Nuisance

804 Tenant Eviction Letter

805 3-Day to Quit for Drug Activities

806 10-Day to Comply or Vacate

806A 10 Day Pay Lease Obligations

807 20-Day Terminating Notice

809 Proof of Service

900 Move Out Reminders

901 Cleaning & Vacating

903 Deposit Disposition

905 Abandonment & Storage